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Traumatic Injuries Clyde NC

Man with eyes closed touching jaw area in discomfort from Carolina Mountain Endodontics in Clyde, NCWhen dental trauma occurs, our patients need to come in and see us as soon as possible. This gives our endodontist in Hendersonville NC a chance to perform a dental exam and check the teeth and gum tissue as quickly as possible. We can then help our patients here at Carolina Mountain Endodontics to determine the right treatment plan to keep their teeth and mouth as healthy as possible.

What is Considered a Traumatic Dental Injury?

Dental trauma is a serious injury to one or more parts of the mouth. The injury could be bad enough to cause damage to some part of the tooth or a series of teeth, including the tooth socket, the jaw, or the root of the tooth. Some of our patients notice an injury to the soft tissues of the mouth as well, which may include the lips, gums, cheeks, and tongue. If the injury to the tooth is severe enough, it may also expose the soft pulp inside the tooth.

What are the Signs of Dental Trauma?

There are different signs patients may notice when dental trauma occurs. It often depends on the type of trauma and how severe it is. Some of our patients may notice their tooth is chipped, loose, cracked, or missing. Some teeth will form a rough or sharp edge where a portion has broken off. If the mouth is bleeding inside the oral cavity, or there is bleeding from the face, lips, or gums, those are indicative of trauma as well.

The symptoms of dental trauma can go further than this though. Some patients visit our office because they start to experience trouble moving their jaw properly, having difficulty chewing. If you notice there is a change in the way your teeth fit together any time you close your mouth, then this is a sign of a serious traumatic dental injury and you should visit our office right away.

How to Treat Dental Trauma?

Once dental trauma occurs, treatment is necessary to fix the problems in the mouth. Our professionals can perform a dental exam to determine the extent of the trauma. Depending on the amount of damage, we may complete an x-ray to determine the best course of action. The type of treatment we offer will be directly related to the kind of trauma you had. Sometimes, the tooth can partially heal on its own, but receiving treatment is often the best option.

Our dentists can help you decide what the best treatment is. We can provide antibiotics to help decrease the risk of infection in the mouth. Stitches can be used to keep the mouth safe and help it heal, holding repaired tissue in place. If you need a tooth repaired or you have broken some of the bones in your jaw, we may need to discuss surgery.

Dental trauma can cause a lot of damage to your mouth. Depending on the type of trauma, you may experience issues with your gums, teeth, and jaw. Our endodontist in Clyde NC can help you learn the right treatment for your dental injury to help protect your mouth and jaw, and get it back to proper working order. If you have suffered from dental trauma, call Carolina Mountain Endodontics at (828) 627-1999 today.

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Traumatic injuries demand immediate attention. Whether it's a chipped tooth, knocked-out tooth or trauma, we're here to provide prompt, compassionate assistance.
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