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Surgical Microscopes
Clyde, NC

Man sitting in dental chair from Carolina Mountain Endodontics in Clyde, NC.Dental microsurgery requires magnification and illumination to have an enhanced and improved visualization of the anatomical detail structures of the mouth. A dental surgical microscope is an essential instrument that is used in various dental procedures and surgery. Besides assisting in conducting minimally invasive procedures, it allows a dentist to assess, preserve and maintain the structure of a tooth and other oral tissues.

Applications of Surgical Microscopes in Dentistry

The use of surgical microscopes in dental procedures and surgery has a range of applications, since it provides a dentist with a clear and enhanced visual image of the fine anatomical details and tissue structures. Surgical microscopes offer high magnification, which means that it allows dentists to clearly view fine structures. This aids dental professionals in applying their skills more precisely, optimizing their workflow. Also known as micro-dentistry, dental surgical microscopy has the following applications:
•  Prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry
•  Periodontics and periodontal surgery
•  Endodontics and endodontic surgery
•  Restorative dentistry
•  Implantology
•  Oral surgery
•  Routine dental techniques

Benefits of Using Surgical Microscopes in Dentistry

Surgical microscopes help dentists in conducting micro-invasive surgeries and other surgical procedures. Most of these surgical procedures involve the preservation of the tooth structure and conservation of tissues, while minimizing risks and reducing healing time. Here are some of the most prominent benefits that surgical microscopes offer in dentistry:

Improved Precision and Accuracy

Surgical microscopes offer high magnification views and clearer visual images of fine oral tissues and other oral structures. They also offer optimal depth perception and true-to-life colors, which allows for improved accuracy and precision during dental procedures.

Improved Patient Care

The use of a surgical microscope to conduct dental procedures and surgery reduces the risks associated with a dental procedure. This also helps reduce the recovery time for patients. Moreover, microscope HD images of a patient’s mouth also help dentists better educate their patients regarding their condition.

Helps in Various Fields of Dentistry

Surgical microscopes serve many vital purposes in all fields of dentistry.
When it comes to restorative dentistry, surgical microscopes provide higher magnifications that enhance visibility to help diagnose, prep, and conduct a dental procedure. Surgical microscopes feature in-built high intensity, high definition lights that provide visibility for areas that are otherwise difficult to see.

In cases of tooth damage like cracked teeth, it is difficult to view cracks without significant magnification. Some dental professionals limit themselves to low-magnification or even work without magnification. Due to this, these dental professionals often leave behind small pockets of decay that may impact a patient’s dental health later on.

Surgical microscopes are also an extremely useful piece of equipment for endodontists. Since root canal procedures take place in a very tiny area of the tooth, it requires expert precision and care to navigate through intricate roots and canals. This is why many endodontists use surgical microscopes, so that they don’t miss out on any canals that can result in unresolved infections.

At Carolina Mountain Endodontics, we use surgical microscopes to conduct all dental procedures and surgeries for precision and accuracy while ensuring patients a faster recovery time. Call us at (828) 627-1999 for more information.
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Surgical Microscopes • Carolina Mountain Endodontics
At Carolina Mountain Endodontics, we use surgical microscopes to conduct all dental procedures for precision & accuracy while ensuring a faster recovery time.
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