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Root Canal Treatment Clyde

Smiling patient sitting in dental chair preparing for root canal at Carolina Mountain Endodontics in Clyde, NC.You may require a root canal procedure to either remove or clean the affected area and restore your teeth.

The process requires professional handling, and that is why we are here for you.

At we perform root canal procedures with close monitoring to ensure the full healing of your tooth.

A root canal is a crucial procedure to avert the effects of tooth decay and cavities.

Restoring Your Oral Health with Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is performed under a local anesthetic. Sedation can be used if necessary to help you relax and remain calm.

A small access hole is drilled into the top of the infected tooth. We then remove the pulp of the tooth and the nerve. The canals are cleaned out, and the interior of the tooth is disinfected.

Next, a specialized material is used to fill in space within your tooth and seal the canals. The access hole is filled, and the tooth is then given a dental crown.

Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about root canal therapy. We are here to dispel them for you.

Myth: Root Canals Are Complicated

Root canal therapy is named after an anatomical part of every tooth that is actually referred to as the root canal.

Within this canal is a very soft, sensitive tissue known as the pulp of the tooth. On occasion, an infection can attack the pulp. An infected pulp can cause a debilitating ache.

If the infection is not caught early on and continues to spread, it can actually destroy the tooth to the point that the best option is an extraction, something we always try to avoid unless left with no other choice.

Unfortunately, healing an infected pulp can be tricky since it is not like removing plaque from a cavity. That is why root canal therapy was developed.

Administered by one of our first-class dental experts, root canal therapy involves going into the canal to very carefully and safely remove the infected pulp and nerve.

We then replace the pulp with special dental materials to protect the nerve and the canal.

Myth: Root Canal Therapy Involves a lot from the Patient

On the patient's end, there is actually not a lot to root canal therapy. We will first give you a thorough cleaning and then give you some local anesthesia.

We then use specialized, delicate tools to extract the pulp and carefully sculpt the canal. The canal is filled with dental material that is then cemented in, and we seal up the tooth.

Usually this takes no more than a single appointment!

Protect Your Teeth Today

If you are suffering from discomfort severe enough that it is having a major impact on your ability to enjoy everyday things like talking, eating, or even being able to focus on your work or hobbies, you may have an infected pulp.

Luckily, root canal therapy is a tried and true method of pain relief that countless patients have benefited from.

Visit our root canal FAQ with additional details on aftercare or call (828) 627-1999 to find out how Carolina Mountain Endodontics can help you!

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Root canal treatment can save your tooth from extraction. If you're experiencing toothache or swelling, don't wait—call today to schedule an appointment!
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