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Regenerative Endodontics
Clyde, NC

Endodontist speaking with beautiful Black couple about Regenerative Endodontics at Carolina Mountain Endodontics in Clyde, NCWe can heal and restore damaged dental structures with regenerative steps. Your body has many of the tools it needs to help you be successful. We promote those natural defenses and reinforce healthy tissue. This is a more holistic approach that utilizes what your body already inherently provides. Our team at Carolina Mountain Endodontics can help you maintain your teeth, with fewer outside materials and more natural reinforcement.

Endodontics is the specific care for the inner portion of the tooth, namely the pulp. Which is why an Endodontist is needed for treatment. Most people may not consider the pulp of their tooth until infection or disease is present. When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected it can be painful and also dangerous for the tooth and surrounding teeth. If left untreated, it can even lead to the loss of one or more teeth. Regenerative endodontics is a biologically based procedure that is designed to replace damaged structures, remove disease, and enhance bone healing. We then want to lengthen the root height and thicken the root walls.

Tooth pulp can become infected when decay-causing bacteria makes its way through the enamel, through the dentin, and into the pulp. The hard outer enamel layer of our teeth is very strong, but it can be compromised from caries created from bacteria, any fracture to the tooth including cracks, or where dental work has previously been performed.

Infected pulp can not cure itself. The infection will continue to rage and can even travel to neighboring teeth through tiny channels in the root. Traditional treatment includes removing the entire inner portion of the tooth, including the pulp and nerve, filling it with gutta-percha, and closing it up. The tooth is considered dead and will weaken with time. Regenerative endodontics is a different approach.

How is Regenerative Endodontics Different From Traditional Root Canal Therapy?

Regenerative endodontics addresses the infection while promoting revascularization from stem cells inside the tooth. We begin with digital radiographs to determine the extent of the infection and assess if regenerative treatment is a viable option. If we proceed with regenerative treatment, we will then anesthetize the tooth and open it to reveal the pulp. We then irrigate the canal using an antibiotic wash that avoids disrupting stem cells. We want to support cell organization and vascularization. Concluding your first appointment, the tooth is dried and covered with an antibiotic paste and dental bonding.

At your second appointment, we want to promote healing and thickening of the tooth walls. We do this by bleeding the area. We may take a small blood sample that is placed in a centrifuge to promote growth factors in cell production. We want about 3mm of blood to fill the chamber. This will promote positive pulp development in the tooth. Using live tissue to promote new tissue growth is advancing your own biological functions. It is always best to complete a more minimal approach in any medical care before more extreme steps should be taken.

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Regenerative Endodontics • Carolina Mountain Endodontics
Our professional team at Carolina Mountain Endodontics can help you maintain your teeth, with fewer outside materials and more natural reinforcement.
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