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Myths About Root Canal
Clyde, NC

Man with hand on chin, looking up, thinking about root canal myths learned from Carolina Mountain Endodontics in Clyde, NCThe health of your mouth can affect your overall general health. However, there are some myths circulating that oral treatments, particularly root canal surgeries, can lead to adverse health conditions, including cancer.

Such claims are not true and have no scientific basis. Nobody has ever gotten cancer or other unrelated maladies by getting a root canal treatment. In fact, a 2013 research paper published by the American Medical Association shared that people who have had multiple root canal surgeries actually had a 45% reduced risk of cancer.

At Carolina Mountain Endodontics, we can inform you about what a root canal therapy entails and assure you there are no serious health risks to the procedure.

Let’s take a look at some of the myths about root canals:

Root Canal Causes Breast Cancer

There have been claims that a large number of people who underwent endodontic treatment developed tumors on that same side of the body. However, according to the American Association of Endodontists, there is no scientific research that backs this claim.

This myth started because of poorly done research in the early 1900s that claimed "dead” tooth structure in the body can lead to cancer or a root canal can prompt bacteria to travel to other areas of the body and infect them, resulting in cancer. However, none of these facts have been proven.

In fact, a root canal procedure is done to eliminate the infection in your tooth. If left untreated, this infection can spread to other areas of your body and cause sepsis and other serious health issues.

Tooth Extraction is Better than Root Canal Therapy

There are some misconceptions that it is better for your oral health to get an infected tooth removed than get it treated by endodontic therapy. Although there are times when it is better to remove the tooth – for example, if your tooth is impacted or if the damage to the tooth is too extensive – as dentists, it is our job to try and preserve the tooth if it can be saved. Endodontic procedures can do that.

Removing teeth unnecessarily can result in several oral health issues like alveolar ridge absorption, shifting of the remaining teeth, and problems in chewing and eating. To replace a lost tooth, you will need to get a dental bridge or a dental implant.

Root Canal Procedures Are Very Painful

This may have been true decades ago. However, thanks to advancements in the field of dental surgery and improved anesthesia, getting a root canal treatment today is no more uncomfortable than having a dental filling.

In fact, one major purpose of root canal therapy is to get rid of the pain that is caused by deep-rooted tooth infection. Once your tooth is treated and you receive aftercare instructions, you can say goodbye to the pain for good.

Learn more about root canal safety

Root Canals Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

Root canal therapy has also been blamed for causing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's disease. Some people also believe that this disease can be spread to other people, especially if the dentist uses contaminated equipment on other clients. However, there is nothing further from the truth.

Alzheimer’s disease is not contagious – and even if it were, good dentists like the ones at Carolina Mountain Endodontics always make sure to sterilize their instruments and tools thoroughly before using them on another patient.

Therefore, if you have been recommended for root canal therapy by us, there is no need to panic. Root canal surgery is one of the most common dental procedures and millions of people undergo this treatment every year without any side effects.

If you have severe tooth decay and pain but are concerned about root canal surgery, you can talk to us by calling (828) 627-1999 today. We will answer any questions you may have about root canal therapy and what benefits it provides to your oral health.
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Myths About Root Canal • Carolina Mountain Endodontics • Clyde, NC
At Carolina Mountain Endodontics, we can inform you about what a root canal therapy entails and assure you there are no serious health risks to the procedure. Learn more.
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