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Apicoectomy Clyde NC

Close up of person touching jaw area at Carolina Mountain Endodontics in Clyde, NCAn apicoectomy is a simple procedure that a dentist can perform. However, sometimes an endodontist will perform it. It is considered a minor procedure, and most of the time, the main goal behind this surgery is to save teeth that can be at risk of probable complications. Another name for it is root end surgery, and it consists of the removal of the tip of the tooth and the tissue around it. If one of our endodontists has told you that you need an apicoectomy, then you probably already have undergone a root canal procedure. Carolina Mountain Endodontics can help you if you need an apicoectomy.

Is There Any Difference Between an Apicoectomy and a Root Canal?

They are both procedures, and most of the time, an endodontist performs them. Endodontists perform them to save your tooth, and they are both surgical procedures, but they are different.

A root canal surgery treats infection and inflammation that can be inside your teeth. If you do not get a root canal treatment when you need it, it can lead to severe complications like deep tooth decay.

In this type of procedure, our specialists will open your tooth. Then, they will clean the inside area. After cleaning it, it is filled and sealed. An apicoectomy only treats a part of the root of your tooth. An endodontist might do a procedure like this if you have a root canal, but you need to get your root fixed.

Do I Need an Apicoectomy?

You may need an apicoectomy if you have a root canal, but you need the tip of your tooth fixed. Even if root canal procedures tend to be effective, sometimes the inside of the tooth gets infected or does not heal properly. In those cases, one of our dentists or endodontists will perform an apicoectomy. This type of surgery can help your tooth since it avoids pulling it out.

Some other reasons you might need this type of surgery are to treat an injury, bone loss, or problems that do not show up in x-rays. Sometimes when children have tooth trauma, an apicoectomy can save their teeth.

How is the Recovery After an Apicoectomy?

Even if it is a minor surgery, it is common for patients to experience swelling or discomfort. Eventually, these symptoms will wear off, and by the second-day post-apicoectomy, you should be feeling better. Sometimes our specialists will prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections. They can also prescribe ibuprofen to help lessen the inflammation. Our endodontists will remove the stitches at least a week after the surgery. In that time, you have to brush and floss carefully around the area of the surgery to keep the stitches in place.

The apicoectomy success rate is high, and today is considered a way to save teeth from problems in the root of the tooth. It is crucial that patients needing an apicoectomy get medical help promptly to lessen the risk of the infection spreading. If you need more information regarding an apicoectomy, you can always contact us at (828) 627-1999 at Carolina Mountain Endodontics today.

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